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The Concord Law School learning management system (LMS) is designed to be easy and intuitive for average computer users: you do not need any specialized technology experience. After a brief orientation, most of our new students experience few, if any, problems. However, should you need any help, fast, responsive support is available.

Continually Supported

The platform was designed expressly for legal education needs and is continually maintained by a team of Technology Directors and their support staff. Our goal: to make your experience seamless and productive. Our LMS has been adopted by a number of campus-based law schools to deliver Master of Jurisprudence degree programs.


Once you become familiar with our learning platform, you’ll find it easy to use. All new students receive a brief orientation that includes a step-by-step introduction. You’ll see how to download the security certificate and technologies you’ll need to gain access to our site and curriculum.

Prompt Tech Support

You can ask for specific guidance in setting up your computer, if needed. Help is readily available any time you have questions or problems. Our Tech Support team prides itself on prompt, effective service and consistently earns high marks in student evaluations. As with every team at Concord Law School, we subscribe to a “student first” culture: your questions and concerns are our top priority.

NOTE: While the system is easy to use, there are minimum system, software, and internet connection specifications you’ll need. Please review the Technical Requirements to make sure you have the necessary system and software.