Student Activities


The genuine bonds Concord Law School at Purdue University Global students have built are as powerful and lasting as those formed at brick and mortar law school campuses. Our online environment not only makes legal education accessible—it’s also designed to bring students together.

Many Ways to Communicate and Collaborate

Concord students interact through classrooms, chat rooms, message boards, instant messaging and email, and in-person study groups. Platform features like our “Student Roster” function encourage students to share photos, profiles, and contact information, making it easy to find study group partners, individuals with similar interests or backgrounds, and those in their geographic area.

Professional Networking

Students have plenty of opportunities to develop their professional networks and form lasting friendships that are an important part of the law school experience. Students with common interests join formal and informal groups. For example, we have active student chapters of both the American Constitution Society and the Federalist Society. Our students contribute talent and expertise to the law school community and are generous with their time.

Supportive Mentoring

Students contribute their talents and expertise to the law school’s community and are generous with their time. Students routinely set up mentoring and welcoming groups for incoming first-year students.

Moot Court Competition

Concord Law School students have an opportunity to participate in moot court competitions in order to hone their written and oral advocacy skills. Concord’s moot court competition teams consist of third or fourth year JD students who travel to a chosen competition to participate in an oral argument portion of the competition, as well as prepare and submit an appellate brief.

Traditionally Concord has participated in three competitions: the John J. Gibbons Criminal Procedure Moot Court Tournament at Seton Hall, the Roger J. Traynor California Appellate Moot Court Competition, and the University of San Diego National Criminal Procedure Tournament. Our teams have consistently performed admirably against teams from brick-and-mortar law schools.

Concord Law School Moot Court Recognition:


  • Concord team received second highest oral argument score out of 46 teams in the first round of oral argument at the John J. Gibbons Criminal Procedure Moot Court Competition.
  • Both competitors on Concord’s team received awards for "Outstanding Achievement in Oral Argument" -- the only team in the competition to have two advocates receive this honor at the Roger J. Traynor California Appellate Moot Court Competition.


  • Concord team won Best Respondent Brief and advanced to the quarter-finals in the oral argument rounds of the University of San Diego National Criminal Procedure Tournament.


  • Concord team won the 2017 William A. Rutter Award for Best Brief at the Roger J. Traynor California Appellate Moot Court Competition.

Bonds Beyond Graduation

Often, the relationships students form during their law school experience extend well beyond graduation. Alumni often attend graduation ceremonies, travel to cheer on Moot Court teams, serve as mentors for the bar exam, and share their post-Concord employment experiences. Students have even formed professional partnerships together after graduation.

Concord Student Bar Association

Concord students formed the nation’s first online Student Bar Association (SBA) in June 2003. The SBA’s mission is to “act as a liaison between students and the administration of the law school, representing student concerns and interests. A primary function of the SBA is to help incoming students adjust to the unique requirements of an online law school and legal education. It is the SBA’s intention to be supportive and act as a resource for all students, but especially for those who are just beginning their law studies. The leadership of the SBA is committed to helping each student succeed and reach his or her maximum potential as a law student, which, in turn, will prepare the student to be a future contributing member of the legal community.”

Like other official student groups, the SBA is housed on the Concord platform. Minutes of monthly meetings, bulletin board access, and names and contact information for the officers are available to students through the SBA home page. Much of the work of the SBA is done through its committees, which include: Elections and Governance; Moderating and Membership; Orientation and Welcoming; Ombudsman and Problem-Solving; Career Development; Communication and Public Relations; Budget, Fundraising, and Dues; and Mentoring and FYLSX.

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