Shireen Samanani“I really think that if anyone wants to attend law school and they have a busy professional life, or they do not have time to go to a traditional school, then Concord is it.”

An Immigrant Fulfills Her Goal of Helping Others Like Herself

Shireen Samanani immigrated to the United States from Pakistan when she was just 12 years old, so she knows the difficulties of navigating the immigration process. Immigrants need an advocate: someone to steer them through uncertain waters.

Even before Shireen enrolled in Concord Law School, she volunteered doing paralegal work to help immigrants and refugees. “Since then, I felt I should help more people who come for asylum and refugees. People need lots of help in immigration visas.”

With her JD from Concord Law School, Shireen now has the power and the education to help immigrants in any state in the country. The Concord educational model also empowered Shireen, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, to study on her schedule and at her pace.

Education Any Time

“My favorite part of Concord is the way lectures and classes take place. If you don’t have the time to attend at a scheduled time, you can listen to lectures and contact your professors offline, whenever you have time. And you can see all your lectures in an archive. I really love the way the whole system works. So you are not dependent on sitting there and listening to the lecture in the classroom. It’s not that. It’s totally different than brick and mortar colleges.”

Make a Difference Anywhere

“I really recommend Concord Law School, because that’s where you can fulfill your dream as an immigration attorney, as a federal attorney.”

Alumni Success Stories

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