Kasey Shah

Curiosity Leads to New Career Path

Kasey Shah was born and raised in India. He earned his bachelor's and master's degrees (electronics and computer engineering) from the University of Southern California before embarking on a successful career in Silicon Valley designing IT systems. That work involved a lot of interaction with his organization's legal team on a slew of issues, including intellectual property.

"I was involved in this leadership position where I would design the networks and I would design this architecture and then I would choose a solution and then I would have to work with my legal team to get them signed into what we call the MSA, or master service agreement, and the pricing and the terms and conditions. So I got more and more involved in my position with the legal team. And I thought, you know, this is very interesting, and I started working more closely with them."

Know-How, Built Better

Kasey has been able to use his Concord education in both new and old job responsibilities. "I have been able to apply what I have learned at Concord to a large degree, directly within the law space as well as indirectly in my own IT space. For example, now I'm able to guide the vendors more effectively. So it saves a lot of time for the company. In terms of cyber security, I am championing those initiatives now. I'm able to better articulate the potential liabilities the company might have in terms of IP and how to protect IP better."

Convenience Without Compromise

The ease and accessibility of classwork was what set Concord apart in Kasey's eyes.

"You have these options of collaborating with instructors through this very structured intuitive platform that Concord has put together. You have to go through real curriculum, real professors, work on your assignments thoroughly, and they test you at every level on the curriculum."

Opening Doors

Kasey graduated from Concord in 2014 and passed the California State Bar exam on his first try. He took his attorney's oath to become a Member of the California Bar at Concord's 2016 graduation ceremony.

"Preparation at Concord Law School gives you that entry into many fields. It's my advice to any friend or family who are considering going to Concord. I would say go for it. It was really a standout choice for me."

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