Legal Expertise for Careers

You want the knowledge and skills of a lawyer, but your career interests are outside traditional law practice. Perhaps you envision yourself helping people resolve disputes, becoming an advocate for patients or families, reviewing contracts, shaping corporate policy, or building knowledge to communicate better with attorneys. The Executive Juris Doctor (EJD) program focuses on advanced legal knowledge and skills, with a specialized focus on your profession or industry. It prepares you to pursue career advancement or enter new fields.

Advanced Legal Expertise Without Regulatory Hurdles

The EJD frees you to add law school expertise without the regulatory hurdles associated with the JD program such as the First-Year Law Students’ exam. The program is designed to impart direct skills in reading, researching, and thinking critically about law in specific areas. As a graduate with this degree, you are qualified to function in any law-related position that does not require a Juris Doctor or bar admission.

Law Foundation Paired With Specialized Career Focus

Concord’s 72-credit, 3-year EJD program is unique in terms of its depth and breadth. During the first year, you will take many of the same foundational courses required of JD students. As a second or third year student, you will be encouraged to construct a curriculum plan centered on your specific career needs and interests. You continue to take the same courses as JD students, but with greater flexibility in course selection and in the pace of your study.

  • Skill Development: EJD students learn to think critically and problem solve; describe and navigate the legal system; develop the ability to provide accurate, focused, and organized oral and written communication appropriate to their audience; and learn the art of legal research.
  • Fundamentals: Many students start their program thinking they understand what law school is all about, only to find out what they expected does not match up with what is expected of them. It often takes students months of effort before they learn how to get the most from their studying. At Concord, students take advantage of our Fundamentals program, which they can begin even before their first day of classes. Fundamentals orients them to the functionality and time management required to attend law school online and begins to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful career in law.
  • Curriculum Plan: After taking foundational courses, students focus on areas of the law important to them for career or personal objectives.
  • Student Support: Student Advisors work in tandem with the section professors to address student questions and concerns. The flexible nature of the Concord education allows students to integrate their law studies with work, family, and other responsibilities. Yet there are times when students need assistance in establishing an effective study schedule or method. A Student Advisor is always available to offer students guidance and support.