Marc Jones

Professor of Law

BA, Northeastern Illinois University
JD, Howard University
LLM, George Washington University.

State Bar Membership

Illinois and Indiana

About The Professor

Professor Jones is an administrative law judge with the Social Security Administration, where he hears appeals from claimants who were denied disability benefits. Previously, he was a trial attorney with Immigration and Customs Enforcement for 10 years. In addition to litigating criminal immigration cases administratively in Immigration Court, he prosecuted criminal immigration matters in federal district court, as well as argued criminal immigration appeals in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. He also served on active duty with the Air Force for 10 years in the JAG Corp, where he was a criminal litigator. Although most of his experience in the Air Force was as a criminal defense attorney, he served both as a prosecuting attorney and a defense attorney. He has also worked at both the trial and appellate levels.


First Year Curriculum – Contracts, Criminal Law, Torts; Criminal Procedure, Evidence; Immigration Law