Busy law students may think they don’t have time to keep up with the legal industry as they maneuver school, assignments, and personal and professional obligations. We know it’s tough (we were there once ourselves), but you’ll benefit from following many of these legal publications, blogs, and podcasts as you prepare for your legal career.

1. ABA Journal


The American Bar Association (ABA), the largest voluntary bar organization in the U.S., publishes a monthly magazine as well as industry news and analysis. The site also features respected podcasts and columns on legal writing, well-being, the Supreme Court, and more.

2. Attorney at Law Magazine


Law school, legal marketing, and practice management are among the topics covered by Attorney at Law Magazine. The site also lists legal events, provides a directory of expert witnesses, and offers basic legal advice.

3. Bloomberg Law Podcast


Hosted by June Grasso, the Bloomberg Law podcast features analyses by well-known attorneys and legal scholars of important legal issues and cases.

4. The Concord Connector


This is the blog of Concord Law School at Purdue University Global, the nation’s first fully online law school. It features a robust news and commentary section and articles on law-related issues that affect various fields including cybersecurity, health care, and education. There’s also advice on succeeding as a law student.

5. Constitutional Law Reporter


The Constitutional Law Reporter covers current and historic Supreme Court cases. It also includes the full text of the Constitution and biographies of justices, presidents, vice presidents, and other prominent Americans.

6. The Crime Report


The Crime Report is written by criminal justice journalists and published by the nonprofit Center on Media, Crime and Justice at John Jay College. It provides nonpartisan information for law students, lawyers, journalists, and academia.

7. Customs & International Trade Law


Published by Diaz Trade Law, the Customs & International Trade Law blog helps practitioners unravel the complexities of U.S. laws and regulations regarding import and export transactions.

8. Evolve the Law


Evolve the Law, from Above the Law’s Legal Innovation Center, is a blog, podcast series, and roundup of legal news and events on trends shaping the present and future of the legal industry.

9. The Fashion Law


Consistently ranked among the top legal blogs, The Fashion Law is the go-to source for information on the legal side of fashion, which encompasses intellectual property, business, international trade, and other specialties.

10. I Am the Law Podcast


Law School Transparency radio’s I Am the Law podcast discusses through interviews with law school graduates how to become a successful attorney. The site also features a miniseries on discrimination and empowerment called Women in the Law.

11. InhouseBlog


The award-winning InhouseBlog offers news for in-house counsel along with job listings, salary guides, and other resources to facilitate their job searches and careers.

12. The IP Law Blog


Weekly posts from the IP Law Blog provide practitioners with insights and analyses on copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and other intellectual property topics. It is published by Weintraub Tobin, a California-based IP firm.

13. Law & Order


No, it’s not the TV show. Business Insider’s Law & Order blog provides free and premium content on the latest legal news and developments.

14. Law Technology Today


As the name implies, Law Technology Today covers technologies relevant to the legal industry and practice of law. The blog is published by the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center.

15. Lawyer Monthly


Don’t let the name fool you. The Lawyer Monthly website is updated multiple times a day with the latest legal news and insights across multiple practice areas. There is, of course, a monthly magazine of the same title.

16. Lawyer 2 Lawyer Podcast


The Lawyer 2 Lawyer podcast features the perspectives of attorneys and other industry professionals on recent news and court rulings. Launched in 2005, it is one of the longest-running podcasts.

17. Lawyerist Podcast


Any lawyer hanging out their shingle will want to follow Lawyerist, which describes itself as the “leading community and resource hub for starting, running and growing a healthy small law firm.” It features a weekly podcast offering resources on careers, marketing, law firm management, and more.

18. Lawyers Gone Ethical Podcast


Lawyers Gone Ethical is a podcast tackling tough topics in legal ethics for both young lawyers and experienced practitioners.

19. Legal Talk Network


Legal Talk Network offers several podcasts as well as an impressive blog that reports on a number of topics, including SCOTUS practice amid COVID-19, mandatory vaccines, cyber law, voter intimidation, and access to justice, to name a few.

20. Mondaq


Mondaq offers syndicated content from law firms around the world. It’s a great source for information on leading cases and court decisions in a wide range of legal specialties. It also provides comparative guides of laws and regulations across multiple international jurisdictions.

21. Patently-O


In Patently-O, authors Dennis Crouch and Jason Rantanen dig into the latest cases and decisions in patent law. The blog also features guest posts by intellectual property lawyers and professors.

22. SCOTUSblog


SCOTUSblog is a must-read for any law student or lawyer who wants to keep up with the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). In addition to unmatched insight and analysis, the site provides listings of cases and petitions broken down by Supreme Court term.

23. Sheppard Mullin Labor & Employment Law Blog


Global 100 law firm Sheppard Mullin publishes a blog for employers with the latest news in labor and employment law. It’s also a great resource for practitioners in this specialty.

24. Technologist


The rapidly advancing field of technology law is the focus of Technologist, published by FindLaw.com. The blog also discusses the impact of technology on legal practice and the courts.

25. Verdict


Verdict is dedicated to legal analysis and commentary from law professors and other legal thinkers. It is published by Justia.com, a site that provides the full text of statutes, codes, regulations, and cases as well as other legal resources.

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