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Concord Law School Fully Accredited by State Bar of California

August 24, 2020
Concord Law School was granted full accreditation by the State Bar of California. Read more.

Concord Law School at Purdue Global to present Law Day webinar on May 1

April 23, 2020
As part of Law Day on May 1, Concord Law School at Purdue University Global will present the next installment of its Distinguished Speaker Webinar Series. Read more about the webinar.

Concord Law School graduate to speak at Purdue Global commencement ceremonies

February 20, 2020
Dolan Williams, a graduate of Purdue University Global’s Concord Law School, will provide the keynote address at two commencement ceremonies for Purdue Global on Feb. 27 at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. Read more about the speaker here.

Concord Law School at Purdue University Global commencement celebrates 20th anniversary of nation’s first fully online law school

March 6, 2019
Concord Law School at Purdue University Global, the nation’s first fully online law school, honored 69 graduates while celebrating its 20th anniversary on Feb. 28 at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles.  Read more.

Consortium for Access to Justice and Concord Law School Collaborate to Promote Greater Legal Access

January 25, 2019
Concord Law School will provide the Consortium for Access to Justice (CA2J) with strategic, educational, and administrative support and resources to help CA2J gain awareness of its services on a national scale. CA2J's mission is to promote legal incubators, not-for-profit law firms, and other programs addressing the justice gap. Read more about the collaboration.

Concord Law School Wins American Bar Association Louis M. Brown Select Award for Legal Services

January 23, 2019
In recognition of being the first fully online law school to join an incubator program, Concord Law School was awarded the 2019 Louis M. Brown Select Award for Legal Access by the American Bar Association Standing Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services. Read more here.

Associate Dean of Faculty Shaun Jamison Assesses the Pros and Cons of a National Data Privacy Law

December 6, 2018
CPO Magazine published Shaun Jamison’s contributed article “Creating a National Data Privacy Law” discussing the pros and cons of a national data privacy law, the challenges to creating a national data privacy law, and how business can greatly benefit from it. Read more.

Project Led by Concord Law School Wins Award for Expanding Access to Justice

December 4, 2018
A team of legal educators and innovators coordinated by Concord Law School at Purdue University Global, the nation’s first fully-online law school, has won the inaugural Wolters Kluwer Leading Edge Prize for Educational Innovation for its work improving access to justice for low-income clients. Read about the award.

The Associated Press Shared Concord Law School’s 20th Anniversary Announcement

November 8, 2018
Concord Law School’s announcement about celebrating 20 years since it opened its virtual doors in 1998 was featured in the Associated Press.

Concord Law School at Purdue University Global Marks 20th Anniversary

November 8, 2018
Concord Law School at Purdue University Global, the nation’s first fully-online law school, is celebrating 20 years since it opened its virtual doors in 1998. Read more here.

National Jurist Published Dean Pritikin’s Article on the Increase in Law School Applications and the Job Market

October 9, 2018
National Jurist published Dean Pritikin’s Q4 piece “People Are Flocking to Law School Again. Will There Be Jobs?” as part of his ongoing column.

Dean Pritikin Writes About Legal Incubators and How They Help Law Students

September 11, 2018
The National Jurist published Dean Pritikin’s piece “Preparing to Practice—How Incubators Help Law Students Pave Their Own Way” as part of his ongoing column.

Dean Pritikin’s Article on the ABA’s Online Credit Increase Published in Law360

September 4, 2018
Law360 published Dean Pritikin’s byline article “ABA Online Credit Increase a Step in the Right Direction” discussing why the ABA is taking a step in the right direction in the proposed rule for online classes. Read the article.

Concord Law School’s Article on Switching Careers Published on the The Columbus Dispatch Website

August 13, 2018
Concord Law School’s article “Switching Gears and Succeeding: Inspiration to Find Your Next Career,” featuring graduates Jeanilou Grace Maschhoff and Keith Altman, appeared in

eCampus News Published Dean Martin Pritikin’s Article on Expanding Legal Education and the ABA

July 31, 2018
eCampus News published Dean Pritikin’s contributed article “It’s Time to Expand Online Legal Education” discussing the ABA’s proposal of more online credits for legal courses and how they can do more with offering online education in the future. Read more.

Professor of Law James Dodge Quoted in Articles Published by The Mortgage Reports

July 2018
James Dodge was quoted in The Mortgage Reports articles “Appraisal Repair Requirements for FHA, VA and USDA Home Loans” and “What Happens When I’m Clear to Close?”

US News & World Report Interviewed Associate Dean of Faculty and Professor of Law Shaun Jamison

June 22, 2018
U.S. News & World Report published the story “10 Things to Do Immediately After Your Identity Is Stolen,” including comments from Shaun Jamison on the things to do if your identity is stolen. Read the interview.

Dean Pritikin’s Article on Automation in the Legal Industry Published in Ross Intelligence

May 11, 2018
Ross Intelligence published Dean Pritikin’s contributed article, “Automation in the Legal Industry: How Will It Affect Recent Law School Grads?” on their website.

JD Journal Published an Article Based on Dean Pritikin’s National Jurist Article on Law School Curriculum

May 9, 2018
JD Journal published an article based off Dean Pritikin’s story in National Jurist. Read the article.

Dean Martin Pritikin’s Article on Law School Curriculums Published in National Jurist

May 8, 2018
National Jurist published Dean Pritikin’s article “Are Law School Curriculums Preparing Students to Succeed?” discussing the curriculums at law schools and whether they truly help law graduates develop the skills to thrive as lawyers. Read more.

ABA Journal Interviewed Dean Pritikin About the Purdue University Global Transition

April 18, 2018
ABA Journal published an article featuring Dean Pritikin titled “Concord Law Dean Sees Benefits With Acquisition by Purdue University.” The article discussed the Purdue Global transition and the benefits of the acquisition. Read the article.

The Indiana Lawyer Published an Article About the ABA Featuring Dean Pritikin’s Comments on Online Education

April 4, 2018
Indiana Lawyer published an article titled “ABA Proposal Would Allow Law Schools to Offer More Classes Online” that featured commentary from Dean Pritikin on the best practices and benefits of online education. Read the article.

The Reflector Announced Linda Smithies’ Award

April 4, 2018
The Reflector published Linda Smithies’ Sue Lane Award announcement in the April 4 edition of their newspaper. Read the announcement.

2018 Graduate Linda Smithies’ Award Announcement Published in The Columbian

March 28, 2018
Linda Smithies’ Sue Lane Award from Concord Law School was announced in The Columbian’s “Neighbors” section today. Read her award announcement.

Associate Dean of Faculty Shaun Jamison Writes About Cybersecurity Frameworks in Law Firms

March 28, 2018
Law360 published Shaun Jamison’s byline “We Need a Cybersecurity Framework for Law Firms” discussing the importance behind law firms creating a cybersecurity framework, the challenges that come with it, and examples of existing frameworks in place. Read more.

Richmond-News Published 2018 Graduate Announcement for Simina Stuparu 

March 19, 2018
Richmond-News published Simina Stuparu’s award announcement in their print edition today. Read the announcement on page A16 of the print edition posted online.

2018 Graduate Kari Nelson Flores’ Moot Court Award Announced in The Daily Record

March 19, 2018
The Daily Record published the award announcement for Kari Nelson Flores, who received Concord Law School’s Moot Court Award. Read the announcement.

2018 Graduate Linda Smithies, Recipient of Concord Law School’s Sue Lane Award, Featured in The Daily News

March 14, 2018
The Daily News in Washington published Concord Law School 2018 graduate Linda Smithies’ award announcement in their “People” section. Read the announcement.

National Jurist Published Dean Martin Pritikin’s Article on Automation and the Legal Industry

March 8, 2018
National Jurist published Dean Pritikin’s contributed article, “Automation in the Legal Industry: How Will It Affect Recent Law School Grads?” It discussed the impact technology has made on the legal profession and the potential impact it will have on the future for individuals hoping to pursue a career in law. Read more.

Concord Law School’s Webinar Discussed in We Are Green Bay

February 14, 2018
We Are Green Bay published an article, “Dassey Appeal May Be Heading to U.S. Supreme Court,” featuring the recent developments of Dassey’s case and discussing the webinar with Steven Drizin and Dean Maritn Pritikin. Read more.

ABC News Published an Article Featuring Concord Law School’s Live Webinar

February 13, 2018
ABC News published the article “Lawyer for 'Making a Murderer' Subject Wants Supreme Court to Review Case,” featuring the Facebook Live webinar with “Making a Murderer” lawyer Steven Drizin and Dean Pritikin. Read the article.

USA Today Network Published Information About Upcoming Distinguished Speaker Series Event With Steven Drizin

February 6, 2018
Post Crescent, part of the USA Today network, published Concord’s Facebook Live event information for the upcoming discussion between the “Making a Murderer” attorney, Steven Drizin, and Dean Pritikin. Read more.

Graduate Dolan Williams Wrote an Op-Ed for the Times of San Diego

February 4, 2018
Times of San Diego published the op-ed, written by Concord Law School graduate Dolan Williams, titled “Opinion: How to Balance Your Priorities to Pursue a Dream Career,” which reflected on his career change journey. Read more.

Dean Martin Pritikin Published in Legal Management

February 2018
An article penned by Concord Law School Dean Martin Pritikin entitled, “New Legal Services Delivery Models Promote Access to Justice, Leverage Technology” is published in the February 2018 issue of Legal Management (page 31).

Article by Concord Law School Graduate Published in the San Diego Downtown News

January 8, 2018
Dolan Williams, Esq., a graduate of Concord Law School, penned an article providing four steps toward planning your path to a new, rewarding career. Read it in the San Diego Downtown News (page 6).

Dean Martin Pritikin Writes About Changes to Entering the Legal Field

December 18, 2017
Dean Pritikin's article "Tipping Sacred Cows: Barriers to Entry in the Legal Field Begin to Fall" was published in Westlaw. Read the article.

Dean Martin Pritikin Wrote an Article on the Benefits of Legal Incubators for Westlaw

December 12, 2017
Concord Law School Dean Martin Pritikin wrote an article entitled, "Legal Incubators Help New Lawyers, Increase Access to Legal Services" for Thomson Reuters Westlaw. Read it here.

Professor Sean Harrington's Analysis on the Equifax Breach Published in Westlaw

November 2017
Concord Law School professor Sean Harrington writes about how one of the largest cybersecurity data breaches in history might be the tipping point. Read his perspective in Thomson Reuters Westlaw.

National Jurist Interviewed Dean Martin Pritikin About Technology in the Legal Field

September 20, 2017
Concord Law School Dean Martin Pritikin shares his views with Lawyer & Statesman about the importance of integrating technology as a practicing attorney. Read more in National Jurist.

Dean Martin Pritikin Writes About the Core Challenge for Legal Education and the Legal Profession

August 21, 2017
The National Jurist published Concord Law School Dean Martin Pritikin’s commentary article entitled, “Return on Investment: The Core Challenge for Legal Education and the Legal Profession."

Graduate Fulfills his Longtime Desire to Become a Lawyer

August 14, 2017
Don Clippinger, a Concord Law School graduate and 72-year-old member of the Altonna, PA community, fulfills his longtime desire to become a lawyer. Read his story in the Altonna Mirror.

Dean Martin Pritikin Shares His Perspective on Legal Incubators with

August 7, 2017
The Dean of Concord Law School, which recently joined the incubator operated by the Legal Aid Society of Orange County, writes about the importance of legal incubators instilling in participants legal training and the business aspects of running a law firm. Read more on (requires free account).

Shaun Jamison Shares the Top Five Legal Steps for Bicyclists Involved in a Crash

July 19, 2017
Calling all bicyclist enthusiasts! Concord Law School associate dean of faculty and law professor Shaun Jamison, an avid bicyclist, provides his top five legal steps to follow if you’re involved in a crash. Read them in The Recorder.

Attorney at Work Published an Article by Dean Martin Pritikin About Legal Incubators

July 10, 2017
How can legal incubators help solo practitioners? Read Concord Law School Dean Martin Pritikin’s article in Attorney at Work about four ways they can help recent law school graduates.

The American Bar Association (ABA) Appoints Concord Graduate

June 24, 2017
Conan Higgins, JD '12, was appointed by the new President of the ABA to remain vice chair for the International Law Anti-Money Laundering Committee and the Middle East Committee.

Concord Law School Graduate Helps Reunite Families

June 24, 2017
Elizabeth Wood, a Concord Law School graduate, is profiled in her home-town newspaper for her work as an immigration lawyer. Read her story in the Sun Journal.

Concord Law School Becomes the First Online Law School to Join a Legal Incubator

April 19, 2017
The Legal Aid Society of Orange County (LASOC) taps Concord Law School to join an incubator program that will help recent graduates start practices, while also expanding access to affordable legal services in California. Concord Law School is the first online law school to join a legal incubator. Read the press release.

Concord Graduate Scott Hinkle Publishes Article in

April 10, 2017
Concord Law School graduate Scott Hinkle writes about the "5 Uses for Life Insurance That Most People Haven’t Thought Of" for ThinkAdvisor. Read his tips.

Concord Team Wins the 2017 William A. Rutter Award at Moot Court Competition

April 7, 2017
Congratulations to Concord's moot court team, composed of Kari Nelson Flores, Anna Jerden, and Michael Mize, which just won the 2017 William A. Rutter Award for Best Brief at the Roger J. Traynor California Appellate Moot Court Competition. Learn more about Concord’s participation at moot court competitions.

The Pleasanton Weekly Recognized Graham Washburn for Receiving Concord Law School Award

March 31, 2017
Graham Washburn, a Concord Law School graduate and Jack R. Goetz Award for Academic Excellence recipient, was recognized in his hometown newspaper. See it at

Professor Jared Correia's Referral Tips Featured in Attorney at Work

March 23, 2017
Looking for tips on how to stay in touch with clients to bolster referrals? Concord Law School Professor Jared Correia provides a few to Attorney at Work.

Antelope Valley Press Writes About Concord Law School Graduate Dr. Susan Lawrence and Her New Foundation

March 19, 2017
Dr. Susan Lawrence is following her dream. Dr. Lawrence recently graduated from Concord Law School with her Juris Doctorate and was awarded the Sue Lane Award at the graduation in February. This award is presented to a graduate who embodies a strong work ethic, compassion and dedication to community service. After more than 20 years working on behalf of patients with AIDS and HIV, Dr. Lawrence is now setting up a new foundation, the Center for Life Without Parole Studies. She wants to educate people and work to abolish sentences of life without parole. Her story was recent featured in the print edition of the Antelope Valley Press.

Graduate Michelle Roseway-Peart is Recognized for Receiving Legal Services Award

March 14, 2017
Michelle Roseway-Peart, a recent Concord Law School graduate, is in "good company" according to the Victoria Advocate for being awarded with the Kaplan Award for Legal Services.

Concord Graduate and Award Winner Andrew Stanley Featured in The Shelby County Reporter

March 9, 2017
Concord Law School graduate Andrew Stanley, recipient of the Executive Juris Doctorate Award for academic excellence, is featured in his hometown paper. Read about his experience.

Dean Pritikin Writes About Online Law Schools as an Option for North Carolina Residents

March 4, 2017
Concord Law School Dean Martin Pritikin’s opinion piece about the Charlotte School of Law facing some serious challenges was published in the North State Journal.

Concord Law School 2017 Commencement

February 24, 2017
The 2017 Concord Law School winter commencement celebrated 100 graduates at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles, California. Several graduates were also recognized for outstanding achievement and one was sworn in. Read about the 2017 commencement.

Concord Law School Professor Writes About Special Education Law in This Timely Article

February 16, 2017
Concord Law School Professor Scott F. Johnson has written an article about special education law and a case before the United States Supreme Court, Endrew F. v. Douglas County Schools, Case No 15-827. Read it here.

Dean Martin Pritikin Highlights Option for Students Impacted by North Carolina Law School Crisis

January 29, 2017
According to numerous media accounts, the Charlotte School of Law is facing some very serious challenges. Thanks to a recent change to the North Carolina Bar, impacted students now have another option to sit for the North Carolina Bar and eventually practice law in that state. Read the opinion piece authored by Martin Pritikin, Concord Law School's dean, which recently appeared in the Gaston Gazette.

Legal Aspects of Emergency Services: A New Textbook by Graduate Greg West

January, 2017
Greg West, JD, EdD, BS, Concord Law School Class of 2006, published a book through Jones and Bartlett Learning that introduces members of fire and emergency medical services to the U.S. legal system. Learn more about the textbook.

Concord Law School Graduate Karen George Meets United States President Barack Obama

January 2, 2017
Concord Law School 2015 graduate Karen George blogs about meeting United States President Barack Obama after she wrote him a letter. Read her story.

Dean Pritikin Shares Thoughts on Affordable Legal Education

December 9, 2016
Dean Martin Pritikin wrote an article for Attorney At Law (LA Edition) entitled, “Affordable Legal Services Depend on Affordable Legal Education.” Read his article.

Tips for Home Sellers

November 4, 2016
Concord Law Professor James Dodge provides advice for your to-do list in this U.S. News & World Report article.

Concord Professor Writes About Her View on Police Brutality Cases in the Chicago Area

August 31, 2016
Thomson Reuters’ Legal Solutions Blog asked Professor Reagan about her thoughts on Chicago police and the law. Read her response.

Practical Insights: Preventing Plagiarism by Shaun Jamison

August 19, 2016
One of the challenges of avoiding plagiarism is that it is remarkably common on the internet. Professor Shaun Jamison shared his top 10 tips to prevent plagiarism. Read the full article.

Concord Professor Shares His Thoughts on Pokémon Go and the Law

July 20, 2016
Think your law degree has nothing to do with Pokémon Go? The wildly popular game could lead to unprecedented legal cases. Professor Shaun Jamison shares to what degree Niantic Labs is liable for players' actions and how to limit their own culpability. Read the article on Polygon.

Concord Professor Johnson Addresses HIPPA and Patients with Dementia

July 1, 2016
Concord Professor Scott Johnson addresses the challenges of HIPPA when working with patients with dementia in this Healthcare Risk Management Magazine article.

Brookfield Now Recognizes Concord Law School Graduate

June 28, 2016
Olga Frolova of Milwaukee graduated with her Juris Doctor degree. See her recognition on Brookfield Now.

Concord Professor Jamison Writes on Staying Ethical While Using Social Media

June 2016
For Attorney At Law Magazine Los Angeles, Professor Shaun Jamison assesses the risks of social media for your clients. Read his article.

Martin Pritikin Announced as Dean of Concord Law School

June 2016
Concord Law School announces Martin Pritikin's new role as dean. Read more on Business Wire.

More Safeguards Needed With Hospital Cybersecurity Says Concord Professor Shaun Jamison

June 1, 2016
On ADVANCE Healthcare Network, Professor Jamison talks about cybersecurity in hospitals and the need for more safeguards as reliance on technology and electronic records increases. Read the article.

Advice From Concord Professor Jamison on Malware Attacks

May 17, 2016
Professor Jamison provides counsel on how to respond if a malware attack happens. Take a look at the Law 360 article.

Concord Professor Jamison Provides Expert Point-of-View on Hospital Cyberattacks

April 2016
Hospital cyberattacks have been in the news. Professor Shaun Jamison is included in The Washington Times and FierceHealthcare stories.

Tips on Being a Successful Entrepreneur

April 8, 2016
Concord Professor Kathleen Reagan shares with BusinessNewsDaily tips for finding inspiration. Read the article.

Understanding the Ongoing Apple vs. FBI Case

March 17, 2016
iPhoneLife’s podcast includes discussion with Concord Professor Shaun Jamison. Listen to the podcast.

Concord Law School Graduate Achieves Academic Excellence Award

March 15, 2016
The Jack R. Goetz Award for Academic Excellence was given to Concord graduate Tracy Liberatore. Read about it in her hometown paper, The Times-Tribune (paid subscription required to access).