They come from many different states, countries, and walks of life. They’re single parents, corporate leaders, doctors, nurses, stay-at-home moms, police officers, paralegals, and community advocates. Many triumphed against overwhelming odds. See their inspiring stories firsthand and you’ll feel proud to join this extraordinary group of Concord Law School alumni.

Judy Abreu, JD '11

Judy Abreu has worked in the IT field her entire career, and credits Concord with reaching new responsibilities and tasks in her daily work. As she looks back on her Concord experience, she attributes much to the well-connected alumni.

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Sherri Andrews, JD '12

Sherri believes her studies at Concord widened her knowledge and enhanced her understanding of the field she works in.

"My education at Concord was broad and thorough. I learned everything I needed to know. There were classes that helped me focus on administrative law and some of the other things that take place within my industry.”

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Michelle Becker, JD '11

Michelle Becker enrolled at Concord in 2006. According to Michelle, going to Concord Law School is a “passion project” for students. “It is not something we are doing because we are pressured by parents or pressured by the need to earn money.”

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Liz Bush, JD '12

Liz considers her experience at Concord as invaluable and cherishes all the opportunities that her choice afforded her. “Going to law school and passing the bar exam and actually becoming an attorney and not just a patent agent, that gave me some credibility with several different people. And it gave me some more confidence in myself.”

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Kim Cameron, JD '14

Kim Cameron had an undergraduate degree but she wanted something more. As an admitted fan of the television series Law & Order, she was curious about a legal career. Upon learning about Concord Law School, she wondered whether the online learning platform would be a unique opportunity for her to act on her curiosity and change her career path.

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Calvin Chang, JD '11

The idea of becoming an attorney always lurked at the back of Calvin Chang’s mind, even as he earned his undergraduate degree in political science. But when he faced some personal workplace discrimination first-hand, it was the final push he needed to launch his legal education, which he completed at Concord Law School in 2011.

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Andrea Chase, JD '16

Andrea recalls her participation in community and student organizations as a highlight of her Concord journey.

“If you want camaraderie and you want community, it’s there. It really enhanced my educational experience…not just to be alone at my computer, but actually, you know, making friends virtually and having meetings and study groups.”

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Jami LoVullo, JD '11

Jami LoVullo's path to Concord Law School was interesting to say the least. After graduating with a degree from Moorpark College in exotic animal training and management, Jami worked as an animal keeper at the Los Angeles Zoo for nearly 20 years, as well as a humane officer for 10 years.

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Catherine Jarrett, JD '10

Catherine learned that the quality of the education she achieved at Concord outpaced those of even traditional schools.

“It turned out to be very challenging and very good. I think I actually got a better law education than many of my friends who went to traditional law schools—it was amazing."

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Dwight Kealy, JD '12

Dwight Kealy is one interesting individual. He graduated from high school in South America and then went on to earn his undergraduate degree in 1993. He did graduate work (archeology) at Harvard University while in Israel before enrolling at Yale University where he earned his master’s degree in religion in 1996.

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Rima Khoury, JD '14

After enjoying a very successful career in sales, Rima was ready for a transition in her life. She enrolled in Concord Law School in 2010.

"I'm challenged and oftentimes find myself far outside my comfort zone, and I love it. It's everything that I had hoped that it would be and it made all of the work up until this point worth it. Thank goodness Concord exists. Otherwise it would not have been possible for me at all."

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Tracy Liberatore, JD '16

Law school had always been on Tracy's radar, and with her medical background, her goal of doing medical/legal consulting for attorneys was a natural fit. However, after earning an internship with Concord's Legal Education Experience Program (LEEP) with a private criminal attorney as well as the federal public defender's office, her eyes were opened to a different side of law.

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Kelly Martin, EJD '17

Why would a highly successful business executive who is also a married mother of two decide to go to law school? Kelly points to two “ah-ha moments.”

“I am at the management table with 21 men who are great builders. That is what they do. Build. At one point, I looked around the table and said to myself ‘What can I bring to the table that they don’t?’ That got me thinking about law school.”

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Iris Miranda, EJD '17

One of the hallmarks of Concord Law School is that it allows busy individuals to study the law regardless of where they live. Iris Miranda certainly fits that bill and then some.

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June Monroe, JD '12

After nine years of working as a legal secretary, then paralegal providing administrative legal support, June decided that she wanted more for herself and, importantly, her young children.

She chose Concord Law School. “Concord by far had the convenience, technology, and affordability that would make it feasible for me to get a law degree.”

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Pam Richardson, JD '14

With decades of business experience already in tow, Pam started to look at graduate school as an option to enhance her value in the marketplace. "I always thought law school would be interesting. It was like, okay, this might be a good fit. You know, here I have the opportunity to come with this business background, and then have this law degree."

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Michelle Roseway-Peart, JD '14

When one thinks of the traditional path most students follow to law school, starting out as a high school physics teacher doesn’t usually spring to mind. That was the starting point of the journey Michelle Roseway-Peart embarked on, which eventually led to her earning a Juris Doctorate degree from Concord Law School in 2017.

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Shireen Samanani, JD '16

Shireen immigrated to the United States from Pakistan when she was just 12 years old, so she knows the difficulties of navigating the immigration process.

“I felt I should help more people who come for asylum and refugees. People need lots of help in immigration visas.” With her JD from Concord Law School, Shireen now has the power and the education to help immigrants in any state in the country.

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Kasey Shah, JD '14

The ease and accessibility of classwork was what set Concord apart in Kasey's eyes. "You have these options of collaborating with instructors through this very structured intuitive platform that Concord has put together. You have to go through real curriculum, real professors, work on your assignments thoroughly, and they test you at every level on the curriculum."

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Dennis Shogren, EJD '14

In 2009, Dennis decided to make a career change, opening up his own accountancy practice focusing on trust and probate work. An attorney friend called on Dennis to serve as an expert witness. “I got a taste of the courtroom environment and going to law school would be a really good way to get a practical education to go with my accounting skills,” says Dennis.

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Laura Singh, JD '16

When Laura Singh worked for an attorney in risk management, she negotiated contracts and wrote insurance claims. However, her next career was right in front of her.

"I decided, after seeing what the attorney was doing, that I could do the same work. I decided to go back to school and get my degree, so that I would have the flexibility that he had and would ultimately be able to do my own contract work."

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Richard Smith, JD '16

For many Concord Law School students, their motivation bubbled up from an internal desire. For others, like Concord graduate Richard Smith, the signs came from the outside. “Before Concord, I spent 40 years as a professional journalist in the print media. I decided in about 2009 that I’d better change careers, since it seemed like the bottom was falling out of the writing market. Clearly, I made the right choice, and Concord was the right school...”

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Charlene Standridge, JD '16

If you had to pick out two defining characteristics of Charlene Standridge, they would be perseverance and self-reliance. At 50 years of age, Charlene was a wife and mother with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and 27 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical field. And yet, it was those two qualities that would help her fulfill the wish of her 18-year-old self.

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Zach Watts, JD '17

Zach decided to enroll at Concord Law School in 2013, and credits a good support network with helping him earn his degree.

“Concord more than met my expectations. It allowed me to get an affordable, high-quality legal education taught by highly experienced professionals in the legal community."

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Pat Wilson, JD '13

Pat sought a new direction and decided that law school was an attractive opportunity to try something new. She enrolled at Concord Law School in 2008.

“I went to law school not because I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer, but because it was time for me to do something different with my life. I had been retired for several years from computer science.”

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Chris Wojtowicz, EJD '17

Like a lot of mid-career professionals, Chris started to rethink what he wanted to do next with his life.

Chris decided that going back to school—law school—was his path forward. However, living and working in a small, remote town limited his choices.

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