Concord Law School in Brief

  • Concord Law School Mission

    MissionConcord Law School, using state-of-the-art technology and the Internet, delivers a sound program of legal education that is accessible and affordable. Concord's program helps career-focused individuals achieve their personal and professional goals. In doing so, the program uniquely serves the needs of the legal profession and the public interest. 

    Concord Law School is the leading program of online legal education in the United States today. Since opening its virtual doors in 1998, more than 1,800 students have graduated from the law school. Concord currently serves approximately 800 students in its LLM, Juris Doctor, and Executive Juris Doctor programs. What fuels the Concord educational experience is its accessibility. Most Concord students live in suburban or rural communities, where there is little or no access to a law school education. The convenience of Concord's online program meets the needs of students who are otherwise highly qualified, but who cannot move their families or change their employment status to attend a traditional law program.

    Concord's relatively low cost makes legal education accessible to a diverse student population with a wide variety of backgrounds. A Concord classroom brings together students who are ethnically and geographically diverse with a broad range of professional and personal experiences. This unique mix fosters a vibrant, motivated student body that works together to achieve its goal of earning a law degree.

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