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  • Juris Doctor and Executive Juris Doctor Tuition

    $9,984 Annual Tuition

    ($416 per credit hour charge for credit hours over 24)

    The Juris Doctor degree is completed over 4 years (92 credit hours) and the Executive Juris DoctorSM degree is completed over 3 years (72 credit hours) with tuition paid annually. A $75* nonrefundable application fee is required to be considered for admission.


    Additional Fees

    Access to the Internet curriculum begins at a prescribed time when all tuition and orientation obligations are met. The above tuition fees do not include the cost of textbooks, computer equipment, personal digital certificate, an online provider to access the curriculum, and certain student services fees. These costs are estimated to be:

     Item Cost
     $1,200 per year
    Computer equipment
    Online Provider
    $239 per year
    Digital Certificate 
    $20 per year
    Microsoft Word or other.doc/.docx-compatible word processing program
    Market price

    * Deposit may be less depending on residence of the applicant
     Representative booklists are found at http://bookstore.mbsdirect.


    Whether you are moving into a new career, looking to advance in your present career, or are interested in gaining a deep understanding of law and our legal system, a Concord Law School education may be helpful to you. Concord can assist you in securing the financial support you need to attend law school. Options include a variety of federal and private lending programs, including military financial aid and a monthly payment plan.

    Paying for Law School

    Concord Law School Scholarship Program

    Concord established its scholarship program to further its mission of providing an affordable and accessible legal education. A limited number of scholarships are available for first-year students enrolling in the JD program who demonstrate the talent, drive, and academic ability to become successful law school students. For more information, please review the scholarship policies and procedures.

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