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Law Degree Programs

The Online Law School Experience at Concord

Concord Law School offers a fully interactive program of legal education online. That means students access course materials, watch video lectures, attend live classes, take exams, check their module progress, go to the library, meet with other students in the lounge, and contact their professors and the administrative staff — all through Concord’s online learning platform.

Concord’s rigorous and engaging JD and EJD curriculum develops the abilities, skills, and perspectives in legal fundamentals, professional and practical skills, and critical-thinking skills that result from a sound program of legal education. Students learn the law — the U.S. Constitution, state and federal statutes and regulations, and the case law that applies and interprets those laws. They also explore the policies that provide the underpinning for those laws, judgments, and decisions. In short, Concord JD and EJD students learn how to think like a lawyer, and they learn how to do the research essential to their craft. 

In the LLM program, practicing attorneys and recent law school graduates have access to practical, focused curriculum in a specialty area of law.  The LLM, or Master of Laws, is an internationally recognized postgraduate law degree. Lawyers at various career stages seek LLM’s to gain expertise in a specialized field of law for a variety of reasons: retooling skills, or developing new ones; gaining a competitive market advantage; expanding the reach and quality of their legal services; and being able to market themselves as specialists. Concord's online accessibility and sophisticated platform brings the LLM degree to a wider audience than the traditional bricks and mortar programs.

 Degree Programs To Fit Your Needs 

Students often have different goals and objectives for their legal education. With this in mind, Concord offers several programs designed to fit the individual needs of students. Those seeking to practice law and develop the widest range of career opportunities should consider the Juris Doctor Program. Individuals who desire an education in law — but do not plan to practice law — may choose to enroll in the Executive JD Program.  For practicing attorneys and recent law school graduates, the Small Business Practice LLM Program provides the opportunity to gain specialized knowledge and skills. 

Juris Doctor

Our four-year, part-time JD degree program satisfies the legal education requirement of the State Bar of California and cultivates the skills and knowledge derived from a rigorous law school curriculum.  

Executive Juris Doctor

Concord’s EJD program attracts students who want the advantages of a legal education without the regulatory requirements of the bar exam.  

Small Business Practice LLM

Concord's LLM degree program is designed for practicing attorneys and recent law school graduates who want an in-depth, practical knowledge of the legal issues unique to small business. 
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