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Executive Juris Doctor (EJD) Curriculum

Concord’s curriculum design takes full advantage of the Internet. It replicates the classroom experience through a combination of video lectures and live synchronous classes; improves on the typical law school course by providing more opportunity for individual feedback through frequent quizzes and writing assignments; and promotes student engagement through the use of chatrooms, bulletin boards, and one-on-one email exchanges.

The objective in the EJD program is to ensure a solid background in core areas while providing the student with the latitude to create a study plan that reflects his or her goals and interests. Students master the foundational courses of Contracts, Torts, Criminal Law, and Legal Writing and Test-Taking in the first year. In years two and three, EJD students have the flexibility to choose broadly from the course offerings or focus their study through a series of tracks:

Traditional Track

— fewest number of required courses; offers the greatest breadth of study.

Technology Track

— for individuals with a background or interest in technology; this track includes required courses and elective options at Kaplan University 

Criminal Justice

— for individuals with a background or interest in criminal justice; this track includes required courses and elective options at Kaplan University 

Innovation Protection Track

for individuals with a science or technology background interested in expanding their knowledge in the areas of patents and trademarks

Please see the Catalog for complete course listings and track requirements. The Catalog is found on the Downloads page which is accessible from the page footer.

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