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Executive Juris Doctor

Concord Online Law Graduates Review their Legal Education

The Executive JD (EJDsm) is a unique law degree program pioneered by Concord Law School. The Executive Juris Doctor program provides individuals with an interest in the law, or those whose career would benefit from advanced legal knowledge, the opportunity to participate in law school courses without the regulatory hurdles associated with becoming a member of the Bar.

The program attracts a wide range of professionals including business people, health care administrators, and teachers who appreciate the challenging curriculum and interaction found at Concord Law School. Through their studies, they gain a sophisticated knowledge of the law and sharpen their analytical reasoning and communication skills.

The Executive Juris Doctor program is a 72-unit, three-year, part-time program. After the first year, during which the EJD students take the same foundational courses required of the Juris Doctor student, there is a great deal of flexibility in course selection. In the second and third years, EJD students are encouraged to construct a curriculum plan centered on their interests and career needs. Enrollees also have somewhat more flexibility in their pace of study as they are not required to adhere to the strict guidelines of the State Bar of California.


To access gainful employment information, including program length, tuition costs, financing options, and success rates, click here.


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