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Students come to Concord for many reasons. Some want to practice law. Others see a legal education as a way to enhance their current career. Another group plans to use their law degree to change careers or to start a second career after retirement. Finally, there are those who "always wanted to go to law school" and found in Concord the best way to accomplish that goal.

The paths taken by our alumni after graduation reflect this variety of motivations. To date, about half of the JD graduates have decided to sit for the California Bar Exam soon after finishing their degree requirements. Others, who were after the education itself, have accomplished their objective-although many would not rule out taking the bar exam in the future. EJDsm graduates put their legal education to use in their workplace or seek to expand their employment opportunities.

When our graduates are asked about their Concord experience, their comments tell the story. Here are a few examples:

"Personally, the education has greatly enriched my life and increased my ability to think logically and reason through situations. It has been an excellent way to keep an active thought process, even though I am growing older. Professionally, even though I am with the same employer in the same position, I have noticed that I gained a tremendous amount of respect when I gained the degree. The people I work with and for seem to respect my opinions noticeably more than before I earned the degree. This is gratifying, since everyone likes to be listened to and have their opinions respected. Either the degree itself lends credibility - and I think that is true to an extent - or I now have more intelligent opinions to offer, and people are noticing that! For both reasons, and more, I am glad I pursued the degree."

-Marcia Hauflaire, JD, 2003
"I have Ivy League and graduate degrees, but Concord is the only institution of higher learning in my experience that actively promotes learning, not competition. It wasn't until Concord that I actually came to look forward to spending hours reading in a library."

-Rebecca Leamon, JD, 2005
"I work with outside attorneys and our own corporate lawyers almost daily. In fact, one of those attorneys attended my graduation. She has told me on many occasions how she has been favorably impressed with my level of knowledge and with the professionalism of the Concord faculty."

-Thomas Fosko, JD, 2005
"Getting a law degree requires a lot of dedication and energy, but Concord Law School made it so much easier by offering an efficient and flexible program. I am grateful to the school for its progressiveness and professionalism, and for the quality of the education I received."

-Noreen Onesti, JD, 2005
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